Sunday, January 30, 2011

Social Networks

I often use social networks to help my teaching. I am a member of and use it often. is a little like youtube and facebook combined where users post videos of there lesson for others to see and comment on. LinkedIn seems like a more for the business world. I am a member of MACUL Space and it seems well made and easy to use.

I tried to make my own social network, just for fun, but the MSU AFS didn’t meet the requirements for buddypress.

Personally, I use Facebook everyday to keep in touch with my friends. Some of the teachers at my school have created facebook pages for their classes. I sometimes spend way too much time on Facebook. Some of my friends have tried to get rid of their facebook but always go back.


  1. I read somewhere were Buddypress will work with Wordpress (blogging site). You just have to install it as a plug-in. Something worth investigating if you still want to create a social network for your students. How do you see using social networking tools with your students since your district doesn't block it? What did you think of what Michelle Davis had to say in your article?

  2. I just got a blog but Plugins only work with self-hosted blogs using the software from wordpress.ORG I really don't see myself using a social network for school right now but I just wanted to try to make one.

  3. I got buddypress to work today. I had to host my own web server off my computer and installed the plugin off wordpress. It is very easy to use and admin. I am thinking about making a Fitness social network for the MSU community. Where people can post workouts and start groups.