Sunday, February 6, 2011

Radically Really Simple Syndication

Stories about Egypt seemed to take over my RSS Google reader this week. That is why I made this posts picture about Egypt. I read an article in my reader about how Social Media was shut down in Egypt for a while and people who wanted to transmit information had to via a fax machine.

I am on Gmail all the time, so I decided to use the Google reader. It was easy to add different feeds to web sites I commonly visit. Instead of going through my bookmarks each day I can open up Google reader and see what has been added to my favorite sites.

Google reader allows users to share articles by clicking a share button. If you would like to see what I have shared you can go to

Trends allow users to see what when and what you are reading. I think Google uses this information to supply you with relevant ads and to make recommendations for specific users. It looks like I do most of my reading on the weekends.

I did not find too many feeds specific to P.E. I did subscribe to sport news sites. I can always uses stories about sports to inspire students or to help students think about topics like sportsmanship.

I made some comments on my favorite surfing blog. For more info you can read the earlier post. I used the comment feature to reader commenting on President Reagan’s Lifeguarding.

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  1. I have a helpful suggestion - try Googling "Physical Education blogs" to see if you can find a couple to add to your reader.