Sunday, February 6, 2011

Safer web surfing

Organizing your desktop:

A lot about making new folders to organize your desktop. Documents, applications, photos. Sort files and move to the correct folder.

Adding buttons inside folders in windows for frequently used folders.

I use a Mac most of the time so a lot of this info was not very interesting or useful to me.

Safer web surfing:

Using Firefox instead of internet explorer. For its privacy options.

I learned Firefox can save passwords and they can be viewed by anyone using your computer if you do not increase privacy settings.

Avoid popup and popunder ads.

Wireless network Safety:

Make sure you change your routers default password.

Use WEP as your encryption.

Disable ssid so people can not see your network.


  1. Mac users are at a slight disadvantagem, here. Atomic learning has only a few videos for you. Where you able to find any videos that would be helpful to your PC using friends and colleagues?

  2. I really already knew everything that I saw on the videos. My colleagues, on the other hand, could learn a lot about computers. Really, they should watch all the videos. Each classroom is getting a lot of new technology next year and our staff has had zero training. It will be interesting to see what happens.