Sunday, November 20, 2011

CEP 812 Part A


Our brainstorming meeting went well.  Once we finally decided to use Skype instead of anything else we got right to it.  All two of our group members were in attendance.  The smaller the group the easier it is for everyone to be in attendance.  I tried to set up my computer for Skyping before the meeting and had to use a different one last minute, due to software issues. 

Personally I think it is easier to use a phone rather then skype, unless, you need to show your desktop to your partner.  Skyping means you are stuck at a computer and wait for an incoming call.

I really like how my group was receptive of my idea of using Virtual DJ as the topic for our project.  I thought it was a good idea because it is a program that we can use in both our classrooms.  And a program that we both understand. 

The video screencast was recorded by my partner Jason.

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