Tuesday, November 29, 2011

CEP 812: Part B – Storyboard and Script

Storyboarding seems like the hard part.  I am sure our storyboard will improve the effecency of our project.  Our group used Google Documents to work together on our Storyboard.  We had three sectons to each shot. 
Part.Screen #, Speaker, Text
Image, Description

We both decided that Jason would introduce the program's features and I would show How I use them in my Physical Education class.

We both plan on using IMovie to make are respective parts.  Our plan is that, who ever is first at completing their part, will upload their video to Vimeo, so that the other partner can download the file, and add it to their part and save the finished video file.

Because Jason's expertise is in music he will be adding the background music. 
Our storyboard can be found on the Google Doc page: Virtual DJ Storyboard & Script Link

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