Sunday, November 13, 2011

No Student Left On Their Behind

No Student Left On Their Behind

  • The educational need or opportunity

My Physical Education classes have never been bigger. With larger class sizes, I need to change activities to make sure that all students are participating in a safe and meaningful way.

  • Your technology-integrated strategy

My technology-integrated strategy is to use audio visual equipment to present an interactive Elementary Physical Education curriculum.

  • Logistics of solution

I am going to need hardware, software, and content to make this work. I plan on using a laptop, a LCD projector, a P.A. system, and videos from the internet and videos that I self-produced to solve this problem.

  • Research which supports your strategies
My research started last weekend, when I met Tom Root, CEO of HOPSports Inc. Tom Has connections. Tom works with professional sports teams and he works in Hollywood. Tom told me that evaluation in PE is all about using technology. Tom also said something to the effect of, "teachers that continue to teach sports skills will be fired."

I had a productive weekend, I also met Gary Gray, from Gary is a Physical therapist and many say that he is the best in the world. Tom and Gary just got back from China where they were setting up brand new schools(full of technology). Tom told me that schools in China are based around the gym. Gary invented a new way of describing and teaching movements, He calls it "The Literacy of Movement". Gary and I talked about how to make Physical Education more like the Kahn academy, where students have to show that they have mastered a skill before they can move on to the next. Gary is a pioneer.

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  • A plan based on research for implementation, indicating the portion to be completed during this course and after it is over

I am going to record students heart rates while using my technology solution and while participating in other traditional Elementary Physical Education activities to see how they relate. After the course I would like to see how my new and improved tech-based P.E. program has increased MEAP scores for my students.

  • Indications of a successful project

Indicators of a successful project would be 100 student percent participation without student injury.

  • Relevant resources and citations

Interactive Video Games in Physical Education, Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, Volume 78, Number 5, May/June 2007 , pp. 1-58(58)

A bit out dated but the ideas behind this article are still relevant.


  1. This is the neatest idea for a physical education class ever. I love the idea of integrating technology into the PE classroom. I think it's also an interesting idea to incorporate the students keeping track of their heart rates. Technology is going to grab your students' attention, and they are going to enjoy your class. Does your school have all of the hardware, software and content to make your goal successful? How much are you going to have to invest personally to make this work? How often do you have an injury in your classes? I think your ideas are going to be easily implemented into your current classroom! Great ideas.

  2. Thanks Aubrey. It is rare for me to have an injury in my class. I have had a sub (teaching old school) for 2 days this year and both days there was a broken bone. So my safety track record is very good when I am using technology.
    My school does have all the technology I plan on using.

  3. I love the things you are doing in the gym with your P.E. classes! The full integration of technology is really exciting. I was also going to ask about cost, but it appears that you already have it covered! Go get 'em!

    -jason b.

  4. We recently passed a 5 million dollar Technology bond for the district. The next thing we are looking at is student devices. I often bring my own equipment in. One day I had 6 LCD projectors going in P.E. class. Today I had 3 Webcams going trying out a video delay program with multiple angles. I do spend way too much of my own money on stuff for school, but it is fun to try new things.