Saturday, December 10, 2011

Group Leadership Project

     Our group wanted to use a piece of software that one would not normally think of using in the classroom.  We decided to use Virtural DJ Software.  Before I started the Educational Technology Certificate Program I used a lot of music in my classroom. Using Virtural DJ has really increased my control over the music.
     We both used iMovie to create our video because it makes things simple.  I was the first to complete my section of the video so I uploaded it as planed to Vimeo so that, my partner, Jason could download it and insert it into his section.  We ran into a problem where the Vimeo file I created was in a format that was not easily imported into iMovie so I re-encoded it into a more traditional file format at a lower quality.  The file worked but was at a lower quality then the original. 
     We decided to make a video because the viewer can easily pause and replay the video to understand how to use Virtual DJ Software and how to incorporate it into their classroom.  I will be sharing this video with other physical educations because I believe that a program like Virtual DJ can have a big impact on a physical education class.
      If I was asked to make another presentation I would repeat the steps we took to make this one except save the video file in a different format.  


  1. did you purchase the full version of virtual dj or use the free version. i really like this program but when playing the videos the video is to small on the free version and i can't see a good enough reason to pay the almost $300 for the full version. thanks and keep up the awesome updates!

  2. I used the free one. The video is small but when it is on a 50 foot wall it works out