Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wicked Problem Project: Part D - Findings and Implications

My project of a technology-integrated physical education class was not implemented as planned.  I was unable to get heart rate monitors.  Instead, students learned about how to find our own pulse.  Elementary age students, finding their own pulse, and getting an accurate result is very difficult. I did use audio visual equipment in 100 % of my classes over the last 4 weeks.  

      After seeing over 700 students, for 1 hour each week, for the last 4 weeks, I did not have any injury's.
      After seeing over 700 students, for 1 hour each week, for the last 4 weeks, all students participated 100 % of the time.

If I was to try another project like this I would make videos available online so my students could log on, at home, and see what they were going to be doing in gym for that week, so, I would not have to explain how each new activity works, and what was expected of them. This is a "fliping the classroom" idea I got from the Kahn academy.  Now that my students know how to use the new technology like video delay I plan on incorporating it into new skills.  We used it for throwing but it can be used to help students learn about their performance in any movement. 

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  1. The idea of "flipping the classroom" is awesome. Training the students to learning about the process or procedure at home before class is great! One of the issues I ran into for my project is the time it took to teach the kids what is expected. Bravo!