Sunday, December 4, 2011

No Texting in School!

At the elementary level, right now, my students do not have cell phones.  It would be interesting if each student had a cell phone, but for now they don't.  I could see a lot of accidents with students running while texting.

I set up a Classroom 2.0 account and am waiting on approval.

I set up a poll using  I do not really see myself using PollEveryware for an elementary P.E. class because we spend most of our time moving and do not do much lecturing.  If I ever move into secondary education I would diffidently use it.

I help coach the MSU Triathlon team and I created adventure race.  Students used cell phones to answer question that I created.  I used a web site called Scvnger. Scvnger helps you make a scavenger hunt that uses text messages on a cell phone.  An admin sets up a scavenger hunt by writing questions and putting them online. You can make the hunt random or linear. 

You can add clues and assign different point values for each question. Players start the hunt by texting a specific number. Almost instantly players receive their first question. For example, a question could be, “Where does MSU play Basketball?” If the player responds with the correct answer (Breslin Center) they then get a new question like. “Good! Go there and complete this statement: Always a ______” I have not yet used this with any of my classes, but I have used it with the MSU Triathlon team for a team building workout.

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  1. I like the idea of using the phones with the older students, but agree that it'd be difficult with the younger grades. I would think that your school is similar in that not every student has a phone, and those who do might not have a smart phone with internet access. The survey by text is cool, but not much use for me as well.