Saturday, December 10, 2011

Professional Learning Plan

My school district often has professional development days where attendance is mandatory and everyone usually sits and listens to a speaker.  Most of the professional development content, I am forced to watch, is not useful for a Physical Education class.  If I want to develop as a professional, I have to seek information on my own.  Looking for technologies used in the Gym is becoming easer and easer.   I have learned a lot of tricks from my grad classes about how to find technology sources online. P.E. tech blogs are popping up all over the place.  I now actually, find out about most P.E. tech blogs by looking at my blog stats and seeing that others are finding my blog through other blogs. 
            I have always been active in the P.E. world, online sharing my lessons.  One online P.E. community is  Recently, I have been sharing my technology lessons online and have received a lot of feedback.  In November, I was elected Vice President of Physical Education for the Michigan Association of Physical Education Recreation and Dance. I was recently asked to be on the Technology committee for MAPERD.  I plan on sharing my knowledge with other physical educators around the state. I am hoping that I can get some leaders in P.E. technology to come to the next MAPERD convention.
            I don’t want my lessons just to be a novelty and look cool, but I want them to be designed in a way that increases learning.  I will always be thinking about how to use TEPAC to improve my lessons. 
            I have found many things about P.E. technology so far in these Masters classes.  Actually I read “How do you envision the state of K-12 physical education in 2020?” from Februarys Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.  Most of the articles, technology predictions for 2020 were already behind what we are doing in my gym class.  One person wrote about “the future should be designed with virtual equipment that provides instant feedback to students and teachers. Technological advances such as video recording, movement and target sensors, and screens for instant feedback”, All things I am already doing.  I want to continue to be ahead of most taking my teaching to the next level using technology.  I am in the technology Masters program at MSU and look forward to continuing with a Masters Degree as my goal.

Another goal is to finish my interactive game I started for CEP 810

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  1. Joe,

    Though it would probably be a lot of work, it would be nice if you were able to create some data for your ideas and the success of the lesson plans in the students growth. I agree that the lessons shouldn't only look cool, but provide valid instruction and curriculum. I would be very interested in helping you with this as I would like our PE classes to follow your lead.